Honey Hole hooks

Melody Kiger – Oregon Bass Angler, President Medford Bass Club

“I’ve used Honey Hole hooks for a few years now, and I’ve hooked up some amazing bass on them. I’ve always been very confident that what I’ve got tied on will stay put. The design of the cork screw locking system is amazing, it really holds on to every kind of plastic lure out there. My personal favorite? I love using Honey Hole Hooks for top water frog fishing! The light wire 3/0 hooks are perfect for it! But I also know I can screw on anything I would ever need to use!! Honey Hole Hooks ROCK!”


Brian Montejano – Oregon Bass Angler

“Having used a wide variety of hooks currently on the market I would have to say that as far as innovation is concerned that the Honey Hole hook is way ahead of other specialized hooks available. I use a lot of plastics for tourneys and fun fishing and one of my favorite lures is the brush hog or similar bait and they set perfectly straight due to the screw lock system and don’t seem to rip as much on the head as some baits do on normal offset shank hooks. I do recommend and often demo the hook to people I meet on the water and show the differences that make Honey Hole hooks the one thing few seem to have seen but should.”


Adam Holbert - Fayetteville, Arkansas


"The Honey Hole Hook was love at first sight for me; it has everything you want in a hook. The bait sits high on the hook giving the hook a more natural look. This hook does not just excel in deep water; it also is phenomenal in shallow water. With the heftier hook it is much easier to throw weightless worms or craw in brush or grass. I have saved many types of baits because of the larger screw. It’s harder for the fish to rip it out and strip your bait where you can’t use it any more. Honey Hole Hooks are the best hooks I have ever fished with. Since I have started using Honey Hole Hooks I won’t use anything else."

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